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After much time spent moving, backing up files, restoring files, updating house and office i am finally back in the flow of design. I missed it. I managed to keep most of the clients I was working with before the move and i cant tell them enough how much I appreciate their patience. Anyway, here are a few things i have been working on since the relocation.

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Apparel design for German Clothing company...

The latest apparel design created for Sigynn lifestyle apparel line.

Sigynn Design by chadlonius

This is the first design I created for an apparel company out of Germany – Sigynn. More coming soon from them.

chadlonius crossing rubicon design

Apparel design for band out of Connecticut. they’ve got a really good sound and if you get a chance to see them, stop by buy a shirt and support the local talent.


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I created back on Friday the 13th for 1313 MMA Lifestyle Apparel. Luckily, nothing unfortunate happened and the client liked it. The concept is chess pieces with a wicked appeal to them. I did a bishop piece not to long ago and i hope the client wants more done as these are kind of challenging but fun.

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chadlonius - MMA vector design for 1313 apparel

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