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This cool dude found me on Instagram and commissioned me to create a portrait of himself as a gift for his mother.
If you would like a portrait Send me a message here.
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Steve Buscemi Portrait. You can buy a print here.
Interesting fact about Buscemi, he was a firefighter before he was an actor. Quietly returned to engine Co. 55 during 9/11 to work 12 hour shifts, sifting through debris for a week and didn’t want any publicity about it.
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New Elvis Presley and Benedict Cumberbatch portrait prints available for purchase at Fine Art America.
Soon available at:



If you would like to request or commission a portrait send me an email HERE.

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This was a portrait request from a super nice woman in France for her daughter. Very beautiful little girl. My portrait doesn’t do her justice.

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maiteo_small_2 maiteo_BW

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I haven’t created anything in pencils for quite awhile. I find my hands stiff and when i mess up i an trying to find the ctrl+z buttons instead of the eraser. None the less, it is refreshing and exciting to get back into freehand creation whether it be pencil or digital pad. Its almost like running into an old long lost friend.
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emily pencil portrait



















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