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“Close Call” – digital painting.
Finally finished this last night. I’ve been working on some new techniques and background textures. Soon to be transferred to a panel board.
Thanks for viewing.


Close Call Digital art by Chadlonius.com

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A reprint of “Divinity” is back up at Teefury.com! Go grab one now while in stock!

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Vector portrait of The Max, A.K.A. Bubba. I spent more time on the background than I did on the portrait. Added texture, removed texture, added color removed color, solid colors, gradients etc. I finally decided to go with something simple which I think enhances the image more than a complex background but I may change it again in the future. One of the blessings and curses of digital media. limitless options and the Cntl+Z or undo command. Countless hours experimenting and discovering happy mistakes.

Thanks for viewing.The Max Color PortraitTHEMAX_SINGLCOLOR

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I usually do not like to create celebrity portraits as i believe they get enough publicity as it is. I do however make an exception every once in awhile. I learned a few things creating this in illustrator and I need to create a few more before i am finished with this impulse to create portraits in illustrator.

digital vector portrait of Jude Law

digital vector portrait of Jude Law


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chadlonius pencil art of koba - planet of the apes.

Pencil art of Koba from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes






















Been awhile since I  did pencil art. Feels pretty good except for the rust in my fingers.
More coming soon.

Thanks for visiting.

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